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Butterflies is an outstanding collection of photographs showcasing nature's most beautiful and often elusive butterflies and moths—members of the Lepidoptera order—in the variety of their natural habitats.

With 17,500 species of butterfly and 160,000 species of moth in the world today, they can be found on every continent apart from Antarctica, and in every nation. Arranged in chapters covering some of the most beautiful and interesting types of butterfly and moth, their habitats, their transition from egg to caterpillar and from chrysalid to adult, as well as their behavior, this book reveals little-known facts about their life cycle, anatomy, self-defense mechanisms, feeding, and migration. For example, did you know that while caterpillars chew their solid food, adult butterflies can only consume liquid, and some moths do not even have mouths? Or that many species can taste with their feet? With full captions explaining how the species breeds, feeds, and changes from caterpillar to the animal kingdom's most stunning member, Butterflies is a brilliant examination of these fascinating insects.