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  • Peace II Beanie Baby

    Peace II Beanie Baby

    The classic Beanie Babies are back! Very limited quantity. Peace II sits upright and sports a very stylish scarf.  

  • Squealer II Beanie Baby

    Squealer II Beanie Baby

    Beanie Babies are back! Squealer likes to joke around. He is known as class clown. Listen to his stories awhile. There is no doubt he'll make you smile. 

  • Layla Ladybird

    Layla Ladybird

     Layla Ladybird loves to explore, and is always crawling and flitting about! With bright scarlet fur, bold black dots, suedey feelers and lots of kicky legs, this round little rascal is so very huggable. With a cheeky grin and lots to see, Layla...

  • Isabelle Rainbow Stripe Doll

    Isabelle Rainbow Stripe Doll

     Isabelle the plush Rainbow Stripe Soft Doll is ready for a day of play and games! Designed with a plump, cuddly form and embroidered facial features, Isabelle is an ideal pal for the littlest people. Specially selected polyester fill chosen for its...

  • Bashful Tangerine Bunny

    Bashful Tangerine Bunny

     A zesty bestie with the softest citrus fur, Bashful Tangerine Bunny  brings the summer. With a podgy tummy, big squashy paws, a gentle  expression and the longest flopsy ears, this bold bobtail bun is such  tumbly fun! Be loud, be...

  • Bashful Woodland Bunny Medium Jellycat

    Bashful Woodland Bunny Medium Jellycat

     The Jelly cat Bashful Medium Woodlands Bunny is the  picture of bunny style, with her fluffy two-tone fur and sweet, friendly  smile. Is she grey or orange? Silver or fawn? Who knows, but she’s  lolloping out on the lawn!...

  • Lottie the Ballet Bunny

    Lottie the Ballet Bunny

     Lottie Bunny Ballet is having a rest after doing her very best barre  routine! This dainty dancer has long leafy ears, a gentle smile and  beige-apricot fur. She wears a peachy knit cardigan, tied with a ribbon,  and a floaty mesh...

  • Bashful Giraffe Medium Jellycat

    Bashful Giraffe Medium Jellycat

     The perfect present for a caring keeper, Bashful Giraffe Jelly Cat is loving and  loyal, if a little shy! His toffee and white fur is as velvety as can  be, and he loves to have his squidgy horns tickled!...

  • Bashful Monkey Medium Jellycat

    Bashful Monkey Medium Jellycat

     Made of beautiful silky smooth Bashful fur in a scrummy creamy  chocolatey colour, this monkey swings through the trees as fast as can  be, to become a number one playmate- understandably!    Super sweet Jelly Cat...

  • Pink Dog House

    Pink Dog House

     Plush Pink Dog House with Dogs – Five (5) Stuffed Animal Dogs in Pink Play Dog House Case 

  • Jellycat Cruz Crested Newt Jellycat Cruz Crested Newt Jellycat Cruz Crested Newt

    Jellycat Cruz Crested Newt

    Cruz Crested Newt is easy to spot on the dancefloor! In bold tangerine, with a silky-punky hairdo all the way down and the widest smile you’ll ever see, this fizzy amphibious friend just loves to boogie. Though sitting down for a rest also has its...

  • Bashful Pony Medium

    Bashful Pony Medium

    Bashful Pony has caramel charm, with soft hooves, round tum and silky mane and tail! A fabulous foal in toffee tones, with a peachy muzzle and perky ears, this trot about treasure adores a fuss. Ponies love outings, so plan plenty of trips...

  • Plush Tree House with Woodland Animals

    Plush Tree House with Woodland Animals

    12" Plush Tree Stump with 5 North American forest animals. All the animals can be stored in the tree stump when not in use. 6" "bean" filled forest friends squirrel, black bear, fox, raccoon and bird. Handy handle for carrying. Washable. Unique toy...

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