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  • Smudge the Littlest Elephant Book

    Smudge the Littlest Elephant Book

    Smudge The Littlest Elephant tells the tale of the tiniest one in the herd. Smudge can’t keep up when her family stomp along. How can they help her do her best? This gorgeous hardback is bursting with colour and heart, with a sweet rhyming story and...

  • Smudge Elephant Smudge Elephant Smudge Elephant

    Smudge Elephant

     Smudge Elephant loves naptime, and keeps falling asleep on the march! Flop this supersoft silly down to sit on those squishable trumpet paws. With warm grey-brown fur, bright black eyes and great big fancy ears, Smudge Elephant is an adorable...

  • Cherry Blossom Bunny

    Cherry Blossom Bunny

     Blossom Cherry Bunny is dressed up for spring with adorable ditsy-print ears and paws! This creamy bunny has a powder-pink nose, cuddly tummy, and silky bobtail. A gorgeous gift for nature lovers.  Size 12"x5" Ages 3+

  • Lottie Fairy Bunny Book

    Lottie Fairy Bunny Book

     Lottie The Fairy Bunny is a joyful story about a fairy bunny who loves to dance. Follow Lottie as she twirls through the day with all of her garden friends. A hardcover book filled with beautiful pictures, perfect for reading together. Ages 3+

  • Bashful Duckling

    Bashful Duckling

     Bashful Duckling is soft and gentle in cosy primrose fur. This cheery hatchling has orange feet and bill, a perky tail, and cuddly wings. With shiny eyes and a curious face, our duckling is ready to waddle your way.  Ages 3+

  • Bashful Luxe Azure Bashful Luxe Azure

    Bashful Luxe Azure

     Bashful Luxe Bunny Azure is a work of Jellycat art! Dreamy fur in pink, green and blue, with long fold ears and soft chunky paws, as well as a scrumptious cream bobtail, make this colourful bunny a soft and sweet masterpiece!  Size 12"x5"...

  • Bashful Luxe Bunny Luna Big

    Bashful Luxe Bunny Luna Big

     Bashful Luxe Bunny Luna is the dreamiest snow angel. This cloud-soft bunny has snow white fur, marshmallow paws and a glittery gold nose. 20"H

  • Smudge Rabbit Smudge Rabbit Smudge Rabbit

    Smudge Rabbit

     Smudge Rabbit is such a sleepy sweetie - always sprawling out, lazing on the bed or rug! Scrumptiously soft in oatmeal fur, this lop-eared lazer just captures the heart. An incredibly lopsy and loving companion, Smudge is a great gift for any...

  • All Kind of Cats Book

    All Kind of Cats Book

     Jellycat may be our iconic pal, but All Kinds of Cats celebrates every kitty! A joyful book full of playful rhymes, fun wordplay and vibrant pictures, it's got every cat covered, from moggy to pedigree. This beautiful hardback is a treat to read...

  • Jellycat Jack Bag Jellycat Jack Bag Jellycat Jack Bag

    Jellycat Jack Bag

     You can trust this cat to take care of your kit! The Jellycat Bag is beautifully tufty in liquorice fur with creamy highlights. Lined in cotton with a silver tag zip and webbed cross-body strap, this handy bag is for true superfans. Size 6"x9" Ages...

  • Jellycat Jack

    Jellycat Jack

    Jellycat Jack is finally here! This tuxedo cat has soft tufty fur, huge stitched paws and a friendly smile. With a long curved tail and L-shaped paws, Jellycat Jack has a soft velour crown of iconic orange jelly!  Size 13"x4"  Ages 3+

  • Perry Polar Bear Medium Jellycat

    Perry Polar Bear Medium Jellycat

     For the cosiest cuddles in the whole North Pole, skate on over to Perry Polar Bear Jelly Cat! Unbelievably snuggly, this cloudy cream cub is as soft as  freshly fallen snow. He sits so neatly on his beany bottom, and has the  cutest...

  • Brown Bear Warmies Brown Bear Warmies Brown Bear Warmies

    Brown Bear Warmies

     Warmies® Plush are fully microwavable to provide hours of soothing warmth and comfort. Plush Brown Bear Warmies is scented with real dried French lavender and perfectly weighted for a positive sensory experience. Warmies make an ideal gift for...

  • Warmies Puppy Hugs

    Warmies Puppy Hugs

      Warmies® Hugs (9") are a super cute microwavable duo that are gently scented with French lavender. Their arms wrap around each other and attach with Velcro making them perfect for mixing and matching to other Warmies® Hugs characters. You can...

  • Isabelle Rainbow Stripe Doll

    Isabelle Rainbow Stripe Doll

     Isabelle the plush Rainbow Stripe Soft Doll is ready for a day of play and games! Designed with a plump, cuddly form and embroidered facial features, Isabelle is an ideal pal for the littlest people. Specially selected polyester fill chosen for its...

  • Bashful Monkey Medium Jellycat

    Bashful Monkey Medium Jellycat

     Made of beautiful silky smooth Bashful fur in a scrummy creamy  chocolatey colour, this monkey swings through the trees as fast as can  be, to become a number one playmate- understandably!    Super sweet Jelly Cat...

  • Pink Dog House

    Pink Dog House

     Plush Pink Dog House with Dogs – Five (5) Stuffed Animal Dogs in Pink Play Dog House Case 

  • Bashful Pony Medium

    Bashful Pony Medium

    Bashful Pony has caramel charm, with soft hooves, round tum and silky mane and tail! A fabulous foal in toffee tones, with a peachy muzzle and perky ears, this trot about treasure adores a fuss. Ponies love outings, so plan plenty of trips...

  • Tree with Woodland Animals

    Tree with Woodland Animals

     12" Plush Tree Stump with 5 North American forest animals. All the animals can be stored in the tree stump when not in use. 6" "bean" filled forest friends squrirel, black bear, fox, raccoon and bird. Handy handle for carrying. Washable. Unique toy...

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