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  • Clixo Crew Pack

    Clixo Crew Pack

    28 pieces and 2 cool spinners add a fun twist that bring bigger, bolder ideas to life. From pinwheels to propellers, this Crew pack is a flurry of creative possibilities! Made for kids and kids at heart age 4+ No setup, batteries, or screens...

  • Clixo Rainbow Pack Clixo Rainbow Pack

    Clixo Rainbow Pack

    FLEXIBLE CREATIVITY - Build anything with these versatile magnetic tiles for kids. Forget rigid, flat surfaces and let your child's creativity out! Create 3D toys, animals, airplanes, crowns, bags, and much more! DURABLE & SAFE - All our building...

  • Clixo Itsy Pack Clixo Itsy Pack

    Clixo Itsy Pack

    With 18 pieces in six unique Clixo shapes and a quick start guide, this mini pack is the perfect size to stack and pack for play, building or wearing on the go! Flexible and magnetic, the pieces can be bent by kiddos into shape and snapped in position...

  • Clixo Tiny & Mighty Pack Clixo Tiny & Mighty Pack

    Clixo Tiny & Mighty Pack

    ONE SHAPE, ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES - Be amazed at what you can make with 9 pieces of our simple signature shape. Clixo’s patented, research-based play system is designed to spark creativity and hands-on play with flexible, multisensory pieces that bring...

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