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  • Gyrings


    It's the stellar spinning widget for digits that fidget! Twirl the gyrating rings, pop them apart, and snap them back together again. Busy your fingers, focus your mind, and keep stress well in hand! GYRiNGS was invented by 12 year-old Jakob Sperry, who...

  • Sensory Tissue Box

    Sensory Tissue Box

    Here's a fine alternative to the tissue boxes and paper that babies seem to love. Colorful, textured sensory scarves pull out of a plush, lightly weighted box - followed by another, and another! Babies develop fine motor and problem-solving skills, learn...

  • Dimpl Stack Dimpl Stack

    Dimpl Stack

    A vibrant stack-and-discover experience! The top of each cup features a squishy silicone bubble embossed with a unique texture pattern. Little fingers will love to touch, push, and pop them again and again. Meanwhile, its unique stackability engages...

8 of 8 Items