Rock and Roll It - JR Piano

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  • PIANO & DRUM COMBO FOR KIDS: Jr Piano And Drum Duo is a musical toy for kids that combines both piano and drum elements in one engaging instrument. This innovative toy offers young children to explore and play with both piano keys and drum beats, providing a versatile musical journey!
  • ON-THE-GO PIANO & DRUM FUN: This portable and flexible electronic piano and drum pad can be rolled up for easy storage and transport! Whether it's at home, during playdates, or on family outings, it offers a dynamic blend of piano melodies and drum rhythms for endless entertainment.
  • DIVERSE SOUND OPTIONS: With 32 standard keys, built-in speaker, and battery operation, the flexible roll-up piano and drum toy set offers a variety of piano tones, drum styles, and over 20 demo music pieces, encouraging creativity and exploration of different sounds and musical genres.
  • EDUCATIONAL & FUN: The foldable silicone musical toy provides an enriching educational experience for preschool kids aged 3+ by introducing them to musical concepts while allowing them to have a fun time! Children explore musical concepts, develop hand-eye coordination, and enhance their cognitive skills through playing.
  • MUSICAL EXPLORATION FOR KIDS & FAMILY: The musical learning toy s carefully designed for toddlers that fosters an early connection with music, providing an enjoyable way for kids to develop musical interests while having fun with family and friends. Ensure that the enchantment of music is always at hand... play ANYWHERE, play ANYTIME!
  • Ages 3+