Cacamamie Game

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 Cacamamie The #2 Game in America! An adult party game that's a crazy combo of trivia, charades, all plays, and voting. 

Prepare to learn more about poop, your friends, and your friends' poop than you ever thought possible. Not for the squeamish or easily offended, Cacamamie is the self-described "#2" game in America. That’s right, as in that No. 2. Before bearing down with four to ten competitors, the group decides who goes first by who "went" last (naturally).

In round after round, players attempt to unload Caca Cards by answering toilet-themed trivia ("Who was Sir Thomas Crapper?"), performing awkward charades (like silently acting out a smelly situation in an elevator), and voting on what opponents would do during inappropriate scenarios ("Who would be most comfortable making a deposit in a first date's bathroom?").

Be the first to drop all of your cards, and you'll claim a spot on the throne as the champion you are.