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  • Wooden Cupcakes Set Wooden Cupcakes Set

    Wooden Cupcakes Set

    Time for a sweet treat! Make your own play cupcake creations with this playset featuring four cupcakes and a range of spectacular toppings including a candle, fruits and a wafer.  The different cakes, cups and toppings allow for a wide range of...

  • Construction Eating Utensil Set

    Construction Eating Utensil Set

    Each utensil is uniquely designed to model a specific construction vehicle! With the Fork Lift Fork, Front Loader Spoon and Bull Dozer Pusher your child will feel like a real construction worker! All products are Made in the USA! The plate and utensils...

  • Plate Construction Plate Construction

    Plate Construction

    The plate’s design features both larger and smaller sections, making it easy to keep food separate for those picky eaters. No more peas touching the mashed potatoes! (Constructive Eating's utensils sold separately)   All products are Made...

3 of 3 Items